Our Goldens

Our Goldens

Ireigold What the Puck AXP AJP OA OAJ NA NAJ OFP NFP TKN Tuukka

Ireigold Champagne at Midnight  MXP OAJ  AXJP  AX RN CGC Moët

Ravenswind Ireigold Crazy Little Bling Love Called Love AX AXJ OA OAJ NA NAJ NF RN TKN  Freddie

CanCH Goldensand In the Heat of the Night Lila

Ireigold Pacifically Mine Piper

Dogs We’ve Bred

Ireigold Dulcie Let Freedom Ring RE  Dulcie Ruby

Ireigold Orla Celtic Princess Orla  

Ireigold Life’s Coda Believe It or Not RN CGC TKN CL3 Coda

Ireigold Gift of Heart Zoe

Ireigold Atlantic Sassy Lass Kai   

Ireigold Light on the Water RN TKN Dazzlehttp://ireigold.com/ireigold-light-o…er-rn-tkn-dazzle/

     In Memory 

Ireigold Can’t Touch This NAJ  NA OAJ  AX  CGC   Lucy

Ireigold Perchance To Dream, CGC  Ophelia

Tangleloft Irei Hope Floats, CGC  Irei

Tangleloft Lutece RN  CGC  Tess

Can Ch Darrowby’s Counselor Troi  Troi

Rosewood’s Premiere Edition CGC  Uno

Chelsea Aurora Of Rosewood CD  Chelsea

Bona Fide On Broadway  Brody