Spring 2025 Breeding!!

Puppy 2013

We are over – the – moon  delighted to  announce our Spring 2005  breeding of “Tuukka” ( Ireigold What the Puck MXP MJP XF XFP TKN ) X “Flight” ( Starz Sky’s the Limit at Ireigold ).

 Tuukka is a proven sire and  you will find individual pages with lots of photos  for Tuukka and Flight .  Puppies in this litter will  have potential for various performance activities such as  Agility, Obedience, Rally,  Dock Diving, BCAT, as well as therapy dog and “reading” dog work. Not interested in competition? Ireigold puppies naturally assume the role of   superb companions and  beloved family members as well. 

Puppies are mindfully raised with the care and experience that fosters smooth transition to new homes. Pups meet and live with the other dogs and cats in the house. They are well socialized with people,  raised in a sensory stimulating environment,  bathed, brushed,  nails clipped, beginning potty training,and are introduced to a crate both in their daytime play space and while riding in the car. We also provide long term education specific to this breed and guidance to owners that promotes excellent health and longevity for their pup. As a convenience for families we microchip puppies before they leave us and register them to the AKC Companion Animal Recovery Data Base.

For this litter we already have a small wait list that will grow rapidly.  Please contact me by email at barb@ireigold.com or phone at 207/751-7708.