Thursday, November 17, 2011

Moet earned her AKC Novice Agility title at the Yankee Agility Trial in July 2011!

Moet and Lucy participated in the AKC  Collie Club Agility Trial in June 2011. This was Moet’s first AKC trial and she earned 3 legs toward her Novice titles including a double Q on the second day. Lucy earned 2 legs toward her open title and both dogs ran brilliantly  considering that there was pouring down monsoon-like rain on their first day!

This was quite the agility season for Ireigold dogs and handler! Lucy earned her AKC Novice Agility title and won all her classes along the way. Moet handily finished CPE Level 1 and half of Level 2 in only four trials.

Moet had a stellar experience at her first CPE trial and earned 2 first places, a second place, and move ups to Level 2! She works with energy and solid focus – can’t wait to develop her skills!

Lucy started the 2010 season with two first places and qualifying scores! We look forward to completing tiltles in AKC and CPE.

Moet is beginning her agility and obedience career this year ! 

Heidi ( AKC IreigoldPhoebe) has been placed in a terrific new home in Cape Elizabeth with the Strouts and Finnegan, a sister from her litter.

July 12 – Lucy finished her Novice Agility Jumpers (NAJ) Title at the Yankee Golden Retriever trial in Derry, NH. Twice we were the only team to qualify in our class and earned first place for both – way to go Lucy!


Lucy (Ireigold Can’t Touch This) finished off her first Agility competition year in 2008 with 16 CPE qualifying scores and her first leg in AKC Novice Standard! She has begun 2009 with 13 CPE qualifying scores and moved up two levels. We are very excited about the prospect of completing her AKC Standard Novice and Jumpers titles this year as well as competing in CPE Level 4.

June 20 – Lucy earned a qualifying score in Novice Standard as well as a 1st place at
the Collie Club Trials! Emily put a Veteran Group 1 on Tess (Tangleloft Lutece) at the Penobscot Shows under judge Jean Fournier. Tess just celebrated her 8th birthday!


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