Golden Moments – Sadie, December 2004 litter

One of the most exciting things about having a blog is that I can share anecdotes and photos that I receive from our  sizable  and ever growing golden retriever family.  I am creating “Golden Moments”, a column of sorts will highlight and celebrate the life and antics of beloved goldens present and past.Sadie is a littermate to our Lucy ( the little red agility dog), born 12/23/04. She and her parents, Joel and Dottie Savilonis, visited with us recently. 

Below are photos and  a bit about Sadie provided by her family.  The “bird (bath) dog” photo has been a favorite of mine for years and never fails to reduce me to a puddle of laughter.  Enjoy!

Since the first day home, Sadie has been a wonderful companion to both Dottie and I. She kept us entertained then and still does today. I love the shape of her “Goldie Head”

She loves and demands attention no matter where she goes! Sadie has one Black Lab brother and six cats to play with. Sadie has been caught carrying her favorite cat around and wrestling with it more than once. She is definitely a water dog, a bird lover, and a mush to say the least.

She has traveled across the USA with us and loves the wind in her face.

Sadie is our third Golden, and won’t be our last for sure!


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