Dogs Can Have Heat Stroke Too!

Dogs Can Have Heat Stroke Too!

Hot weather can cause heat stroke in animals as well as humans. Here are some behaviors to watch for and things you can do immediately if you think your dog may have heat stroke.


*Heavy panting

*Dark red or purple coloration to tongue


*Loss of balance

*Pupils non responsive


Try to slowly bring down body temperature (don’t put dog into an ice bath).

*Wrap dog in cool, wet towel or blanket or put them in cool tub of water.

*Apply cool damp cloths or an ice pack wrapped in a cloth to rectum, scrotum or vulva– these are areas of major blood supply and cooling the skin surface will help to lower body temperature more effectively.

*Spray small amounts of cool water with electrolyte solution mixed in (Gatorade, Pedialyte, etc) into dogs mouth. Never pour into the mouth as the dog may aspirate the fluid into his/her lungs.

*Take dog to Vet asap!

Be safe and enjoy this hot weather!!

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