Canine Diarrhea Primer

There Are Four Kinds of Stool:
1.Normal Logs
2.Pudding Diarrhea – soft stools that will mound up
3.Brown Water Diarrhea
4.Brown Water Diarrhea with blood
Parasites and Diarrhea
If a dog gets diarrhea as a result of parasites, the most common causes are Coccidia  or Giardia. Both will cause diarrhea, but each requires different medication. All dogs have some level of Coccidia in their gut. When a dog is stressed (i.e. being shipped, moving into a new environment etc ) the stress can cause the Coccidia to bloom and flair up causing diarrhea. Humans get Giardia when they drink water that has fecal matter in it. Both Coccidia and Giardia need to be diagnosed by a Vet .
Pudding Diarrhea
Pudding diarrhea can be caused from:

  • changing food.
  • over feeding.
  • eating garbage
  • stress
  • exercise and excitement

Adding a little canned pumpkin to the food not only helps firm up stools in dogs but it also helps relieve constipation.  The  homeopathic remedy DiaBac  works for bacterial diarrhea symptoms and  can be used against e-coil, salmonella, diet, water changes, environment change, stress or food allergies.
Brown Water Diarrhea
Brown water diarrhea is a serious situation and is a sign of a sick dog. When a puppy has water diarrhea it can easily become dehydrated, and if the diarrhea does not stop within 24 hours the puppy must see   a vet.
Brown Water Diarrhea with Blood
If you see brown water diarrhea with blood in it, you have a medical emergency. It is beyond the scope of pet owners to deal with blood in diarrhea.

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